The job of working at Camp Newaygo is a demanding and rewarding one. It requires a great deal of stamina, enthusiasm, interpersonal skill and patience. Staff members must be receptive to the campers and take very seriously the responsibility of nurturing these children in a safe and interactive environment. The staff’s number one priority needs to always be the campers in their care.

Camp Newaygo & our camper parents expect our staff members to be positive role models for our campers.

We strive to create a staff community with diverse perspectives and life experiences. Candidates of all backgrounds are encouraged to apply.

Steps to getting hired at Camp Newaygo:

  1. Complete application
  2. Have three references complete a reference check form
  3. Our staff will connect with you once we have application & references to schedule a 30 minute interview via ZOOM

“I grew up going to Camp Newaygo and made some of my fondest memories along its trails. Camp Newaygo is a place where young women are given the opportunity learn from and love the outdoors, to grow into confident, strong, warm, and driven young adults, and to experience summer camp in all of its fun-filled glory. I still look back on my years at camp with a happy and grateful heart. Thank you, Camp Newaygo!” – Emily Reichard


“The expectations of a woman in the “real world” are substantially different than those at camp. After eight glorious summers at Camp Newaygo I have formed my own expectations of woman both in the “real world” and at camp. Early on, I was taught that beauty was mascara, shoes and expensive clothing. Not until I was welcomed into the world of camp did I realize these values did not hold true for many women, certainly not me. At Newaygo the sunscreen with the highest SPF holds the equivalence of the most expensive foundation in the “real world”. Bug spray is our perfume, our freckles act as concealer, friendship bracelets as our diamonds and the paint on our hands from the marshmallow paint war the day before is better than any nail polish. Our sun kissed skin and mosquito bites tell stories of the beauty that we all have on the inside, rather than the beauty that society expects us to grasp. Now, I have realized that being a woman is ultimately about being beautiful as you see it, not how the status quo does.” – Karol Kane, Camper, LIT, Counselor