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Ridge Catering

“Catering and Baked Goods for a Cause”

Camp Newaygo offers on-site and off-site catering through Ridge Catering to add the perfect touch to your meeting, banquet, reception, gathering or party.

Let us treat your guests to gourmet homemade items, with the proceeds helping Camp Newaygo continue its mission of serving youth and families in our communities.

All events held at Camp Newaygo are catered through Ridge Catering. Breakfasts, beverages, and snack options are available. All menus are for full service on-site, except for our Go menus which are priced for pick up or drop off with disposable containers.

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Please contact our Catering and Events Director for more information. We’d love to make your event special.

p: (231) 652-1184
e: wsparks@campnewaygo.org