Capital Campaign

Building a Healthy Future, A Capital Campaign
for Health, Leadership, and The Arts



Did you know that Camp Newaygo’s use has grown by an amazing 128% over the past five years since the renovation of Lang Lodge? Because of this continued growth, Camp Newaygo is in its final push for our “Building a Healthy Future Capital Campaign.” This is a three project campaign and included: a new Health and Leadership Lodge, an expanded and renovated the Arts and Crafts Lodge, and a purchase of four acres of New Property, with 300 feet of water frontage for a new day camp site.

It’s an ambitious plan but together we can secure Camp Newaygo’s future by addressing these long-term needs for a sustainable future. Because of the great support for our Girls’ Overnight Camp over the past five years, our yearly enrollment has grown from 344 campers to 731, a 112 percent increase, and Day Camp has grown by 60% to 244 day campers. We have also increased the number of children and families that experience living together in a blended community gaining “grit” and resilience, and learning from friends and cabin mates that by working together anything is possible.

The American Camp Association requires that one bed for each 50 campers be available in our health facility. We outgrew our former “nurse’s station”; it only had one recovery room with two beds. The new health lodge has four recovery rooms and a private treatment area. Campers today come with increased health concerns, that when properly addressed allows all children to successfully participate in the camp experience. Last summer during our full sessions, we had 160 overnight campers and 50 day campers vying for space in the craft shop each day. With more classroom and storage space, we can continue to offer the high quality program Camp Newaygo is known for. The new lakefront property – Cassidy Point, makes it possible for local day campers to have their own site, freeing up space as overnight camp continues to grow.

TOGETHER we have revitalized Camp Newaygo which provides rich growth experiences, independence and shared respect for the environment for our next generation. We have renovated Lang Lodge and saved Camp Newaygo from closing and commercial development! We have preserved 101 pristine acres of woods, ridges and valleys, lakefront, wetlands and islands for our children and grandchildren to play, swim, hike, camp and enjoy nature.

We know TOGETHER, we can raise the the last $1 million needed to complete the Building a Healthy Future Capital Campaign. Over the past 2 years, we are very grateful to have raised $1.3 million already.

We hope that because you support our work of enriching children and families, of empowering girls and women, and of preserving the environment that you will support this campaign. No gift is too small. We celebrate every gift and are very grateful. Consider an annual pledge to make that gift grow. We know that with your support we can reach our goal. Choose to make a multi-year pledge, foundation gift, employee matching gift, or be a Legacy Family for multi-generation participants and know that you are part of helping us reach our goal. Few can tell this story of success for a camp once closed, but now celebrating our 90th Anniversary; WE CAN! Please join us today!

TOGETHER, we can reach our goal!

Explore The Pillars Of Our Campaign:

Health & Leadership Lodge


  • 85 year old basic nurse’s cabin no longer met the health standards of our growing programs.
  • Many campers attending camp have far more significant health related issues that require an updated treatment facility with private areas for sick children.
  • Need for additional staff and intern housing to allow for enhanced year-round program
  • Growing conference, retreat, and wedding use requires private guest rooms.


  • New LEED certified Health and Leadership facility in the location of the former building to address growing health needs.
  • Facility operates year-round allowing for increased use to support our sustainability business plan.

Day Camp Site


  • Additional contiguous camp land and building s for expanded program to meet the growing number of program participants.
  • Create a designated Day Camp site to accommodate growing interest.
  • Residence on camp property for Camp Director and her family.


  • Acquired the Kastlein Property and buildings, contiguous to Camp Newaygo, including 300 ft of additional Lake Pickerel frontage
  • Developed a new Day Camp location on-site, providing additional program space.
  • Utilized the existing dwelling as the year-round Camp Director home.
  • Three seasonal cabins provide housing for program staff and volunteers.

Peggie Stone Center


  • Former building no longer supported our growing number of campers and programs operating simultaneously.
  • Built in 1949 for summer use only, a year-round facility was needed to expand programming.
  • Additional space was needed for increased number of camper requests for arts and crafts programs.


  • Expanded the building to include increased program and storage space.
  • Included the designated pottery and photography spaces.
  • Maintained the integrity of the 1949 historic camp building.
  • Winterized the building to include a restroom, insulation, heat, and new high efficiency windows.




  • As a viable organization, we hope to build a sustainable future to ensure Camp Newaygo’s legacy continues for another 90 years and beyond!

With multiple ways to give, you can help us make an impact on another 90 years of excellence:

Naming Opportunities

Legacy Families  

Honorary Cabinet

Ellen Chamberlin* & Charlie Gallmeyer       Julie (Dooge) Waite*       Laurie & Carol Dooge

Gene Ford       Honorable John H. Logie       Rosemary Tittle

Campaign Cabinet

Marcia (Hislop) Logie* Co-Chairperson

Agnes Appiagyei-Dankah

Sue Barthold*

Judy Behler

Pamela Brown

Jelanie Bush

Shannon Carpenter

Cathy Capogna*

Barbara Chiles*

Pat (Heinsimer) Cohn*

Danna Ferris

Nina Fox

Jeff Fraser

Donna Friar

Fran (Ham) Gibbs*

Maria Gonzalez

Sue (Greiner) Gutierrez*

Rochelle Habeck-Hunt

Androni Henry*

Kenyatta Hill*

Dave & Susan Hojnacki

Sarah Kane*

Shannon (Carmody) Keyes*

Roger Lepley

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Jan Lunquist

Kathy (Long) Menno*

Ross Nelson

Nancy (Riekse) Norden*

Sarah (Charnley) Pooler*

Deb (Osmer) Posthumus*

Rita & Ruben Rodriguez

Eileen Chamberlin Co-Chairperson

Megan (Logie)* & Nathan Roudabush

Sue (Walters) Swain*

Glenn Swartzlander

Lynn Thomas

Michelle (Johnson) Van Duinen*

Barbara Veenstra*

Sue (McKinley) Waalkes*

Wendy Weisgerber

Betsy (Wood) Willey*

Mary (Smith)* & Nelson Wilner

Dave & Pamela Wingard

Bev Cassidy*

President & CEO – TrueNorth

Jane Vitek*

Executive Director – Camp Newaygo