Co-Ed Day Camp

After running successfully last summer, we are excited to host our Co-ed Day Camp for campers entering first through seventh grades. We are prepared to put health and safety protocols in place that match the current state of COVID-19.

Registration is now open for Summer 2022!


Imagine the perfect day: You wake up, pack your lunch, grab your bathing suit and head out the door. Smiling counselors meet you at the front gate of Camp, ready to sing songs, play wacky sports, and laugh along with you all day long. We spend the morning digging for dinosaur bones or fighting off dragons. After lunch, we splash in the lake, paddle in our canoes, and cheer for our friends in archery. When you wave goodbye at the end of the day, you aren’t sad at all. That’s because you get to do it again TOMORROW! Sound perfect? It’s just another day at Camp Newaygo’s Day Camp.

We are excited to offer our Co-ed Day Camp to campers entering first through seventh grades. Our camp features unique, educational, and interactive programs where kids have the opportunity to grow into their best selves. Day campers spend their days participating in  activities like archery, wilderness hikes, team building challenges, fishing, arts and crafts, and much more! Every Thursday will be a planned adventure day ranging from a canoe trip to Camp’s own private island to top secret missions. Programming takes places among 104 acres of beautiful undeveloped oak forest, natural wetlands, and an expansive private waterfront. During the week your child will be cared for, encouraged, and mentored by our outstanding camp counselors. We look forward to providing your child with positive experiences that will last a lifetime!

Summer 2022 Weekly Adventures!

Full, please call 231-652-1184 to be added to the wait list

YOUR MISSION: Spend your week training for executing a number of top secret, covert missions on Thursday. Your skills in stealth, subterfuge, and deduction will be tested during a number of challenges.  YOUR GOAL: Maintain your cover, complete your missions, and protect the valuable secrets in Camp Newaygo’s possession.

Full, please call 231-652-1184 to be added to the wait list

Learn the skills you’ll need to survive in the wilderness just like Bear Grylls or Ann Bancroft. Throughout the week you’ll focus on honing your wilderness skills like shelter building, fire-making and fishing.  On Thursday those skills will be put to the test; we’ll visit Coolbough Natural Area and spend the day exploring and surviving in nature.

Ready your paddles and put on your life jackets, we are headed down the river this week!  Early in the week you’ll practice paddling and learn to steer a canoe in the calm waters of Lake Pickerel.  On Thursday you’ll have your chance to prove your skills as we venture on the mighty Muskegon river on an unforgettable day trip.

Bring your sunscreen! Along with our usual daily adventures and activities, Thursday will be a day full of water sports, games and activities! You definitely will need your sunscreen, swimsuits, and towels as well as be ready to have loads of fun in the water this week!

Water. Earth. Fire. Air. Long ago the four elements lived together in harmony.  But it all changed when the Day Campers arrived at Camp Newaygo.  Join us for an action packed week as we learn to master all four elements.

Travel to a fantastic world full of magic, treasure, and adventure.  You’ll have the chance to create a character, craft weapons and armor, and battle against great foes during your ventures in the untamed woodlands of Camp Newaygo.

Explore, pioneer and enjoy the adventure this week! Our thrilling camp activities will lead up to a trip to Camp’s own private island! This week’s adventure will be a day of exploring, swimming, snacking and more at Turtle Island.

Let your creativity explode! Along with finding science, technology, engineering, math, and art in all of our favorite camp activities, this week’s Thursday adventure is all about STEAM! Prepare for wacky and enticing experiments and activities that will spark curiosity and wonder about the world around us.

*Additional Cost*

Limited space available, call 231-652-1184 to register

Our Spanish Immersion Day Camp Program is a full  immersion language experience, meaning lead instructors speak in Spanish 100% of the day, every day – with the understanding that we nurture and support children, if needed, in their native language (English). Recommended for children who have already studied Spanish, this program will complement a continued experience at school. Find out more HERE

Day Camp Rates

Non-Newaygo county residents   Newaygo county residents
$220 $185


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We know the upheaval of COVID-19 has made it difficult for families to plan. We feel our cancellation policy ensures a fair and flexible experience for everyone involved.

Non-refundable deposit: $75 per session

Cancellation At Least 30 Days Before Session: Families can cancel a reservation at least one month (30 days) before a program start date for a full refund, minus the deposit. The $75 deposit is non-refundable.

Cancellation At Least 2 Weeks Before Session: Families can cancel a reservation at least two weeks (14 days) before a program start date for a 50%refund, minus the deposit. The $75 deposit is non-refundable.

There will be no refunds within two weeks of the session start date




Thank you so much for your continued understanding, patience, and support of Camp Newaygo through this challenge. If you have questions or concerns, and would like to speak with someone on the phone, we will have staff available Monday – Friday, 8:30 AM – 5:00 PM (Eastern Standard Time): (231) 652-1184