Communicating With Your Camper

You can send letters to your camper at:

Camp Newaygo
5333 Centerline RD
P.O. BOX 610
Newaygo, MI 49337


You can also email your camper through your registration account. You must purchase emails in blocks. Please remember that your camper cannot email you back, but they really love getting emails from you.

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E-mails received by 8:00 A.M. will be delivered at lunch mail call.

Package Policy 

While Camp Newaygo has long held a very relaxed policy on packages, in recent years we have noticed packages causing a growing rate of negative side effects. The subject of packages, including who was receiving them and what was in them, began causing jealousy and unnecessary competition, as well as an influx of excessive and wasted “stuff” that hampered the camp experience. In efforts to celebrate the unique, simplistic lifestyle that camp allows and to promote unity within the camp family, Camp Newaygo is package-free. We encourage you to use creative ways of interacting with your camper through non-package letters this summer, such as including word puzzles, a comic clipping from the newspaper, riddles and pictures.

If you need to send an essential item that was forgotten at home, such as a retainer, glasses, or a spare inhaler, please send them labeled Attn: Jalisa Danhof and we will be sure the item gets to your camper. If a camper’s birthday occurs during camp, she may receive a food-and candy-free package for their birthday. Please mark “Birthday!” clearly on the package and send it Attn: Jalisa Danhof. In BOTH of these cases, please call camp ahead of time, so we will be expecting an approved camper package.

Any other packages sent to campers will be returned to the sender unopened. Please be sure to share this information with family and friends who may be planning to send packages! Packages are any items received in the mail other than regular flat envelop (Up to the size of a flat “6 X 9” envelope).

Birthdays at Camp Newaygo

What a treat! If your camper will have a birthday while at camp, she’ll feel really special. Her cabin will plan something special for her day, and everyone will sing in the dining hall to her. She is sure to get lots of birthday wishes throughout the day and maybe even a friendship bracelet. You are welcome to send a food and candy free package to Attn: Jalisa Danhof for her to get that day! We celebrate birthdays at Camp Newaygo with tradition of the Birthday Hat which includes the special “Happy Birthday” song sung by the entire camp during lunch.