Day Camp Staff

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Our Day Camp Counselors are some of the greatest people on earth. Camp Newaygo has on average an 85% staff return rate from summer to summer. Our Day Camp staff works to maintain a camper to counselor ratio of 1 to 12. Our counseling staff is screened and well trained – they are all waterfront lifeguard certified, CPR and First Aid Certified, and complete 2 1/2 weeks of intensive training. Our counselors are kind, trustworthy, and they love working with children.


Peter Casey

Day Camp Director

Peter joined the Camp Newaygo staff in the spring of 2020. Originally from Minnesota, he is an avid outdoor enthusiast with extensive wilderness tripping experience. He has a master’s degree from the University of Glasgow in History and Politics. Peter is the summer Day Camp Director, leading the curriculum and staff for our co-ed program. Year-round, Peter facilitates programs for school rentals and outdoor programs..

Meet the rest of our year-round team!



Day Camp Counselor

# of Years On Staff: 1
Home Town: White Cloud
College/University: University of Michigan
Area of Study: Biopsychology, cognition, & neuroscience
Classes You Teach At Camp: A little of everything!
What would your superpower be: Teleportation!!
What parents should know about you: Camp is one of my favorite places on earth and the value of spending a summer outside is super important to me!!! I can’t wait to share my passion for camp with your kids!




Day Camp Counselor

# of Years On Staff: 1
Home Town: Cape Town
College/University: University of Cape Town
Area of Study: South Africa, Cape Town, Newlands
Classes You Teach At Camp: Any and all
What would your superpower be: Super strength or mind reading
What parents should know about you: I have a great passion for working with people of all ages so their children’s growth, experience, and learning during camp will my utmost priority




Day Camp Counselor

# of Years On Staff: 1
Home Town: Mason mi
College/University: Olivet college
Area of Study: Sociology and anthropology
Classes You Teach At Camp: Outdoor Adventure

What would your superpower be: To fly
What parents should know about you: I am a fun, loving, and adventure seeking person who is excited to help your children grow!


Day Camp Counselor

# of Years On Staff: My First!!
Home Town: Georgetown OH
College/University: Georgetown High School / University of Kentucky
Area of Study: Music Education – Trumpet and Organ
Classes You Teach At Camp: Songs, archery, and games
What would your superpower be: Telekinesis
What parents should know about you: I have counseled more camps than Michael Phelps has gold medals. I can’t wait to meet your child!