Registration & Check-in, Check-out

Registration, First Day Check In, & Check Out

Travel & Transportation
As soon as you have your camper registered for camp you will want to start thinking about transportation to and from Camp Newaygo. Many of our campers travel by plane, and we do offer transportation to and from the Grand Rapids airport at no additional fee. Delta Airline, American, Southwest, and United all fly into the Grand Rapids airport. Our camp staff will be at the airport waiting for your child upon arrival and someone will escort them to camp. Parents are responsible for all unaccompanied minor fees and reservations prior to arrival at camp.

Please email us ( after you have registered so that we can schedule your airport pick-up.

Friend Requests
During registration, we give each camper the opportunity to request one bunk mate. The campers must BOTH request each other. Friend requests are only accepted until May 15th. After May 15th, most of our lodging is completed, and we will not consider friend requests as a part of our lodging decisions. So register early, and encourage your friends to register early! Requested bunk mates must be within one grade level of each other. If the campers are two grades apart, the bunk request cannot be honored. If the campers are in different grades, the older camper will be moved down to a younger bunk placement to accommodate the bunk request. Keep this in mind, as it could cause the older camper to miss out on a “unit” she would like to be in. You must also request a friend that is attending the same session. We do not place one week and two week campers together. If it is not possible for campers and friends to bunk together, they will still have plenty of time to interact during their session. They can take classes together, be buddies during Dip (swim) Time, and partner up during evening programs like capture the flag.

Please Do…

Let us know your bunk requests right away… no later than May 15th.
Request one camper only… if you request several we will just pick one that is mutual.
Request a bunk mate attending your session. One week campers and two week campers are not bunked together.
Ask the camper you request to also request you… when both campers are asking for each other, we almost always work it out for them to be in the cabin together.
Be patient and understanding… cabin assignments are very difficult, sometimes we make a mistake, sometimes there is no way of giving you what you request. Be prepared to be gracious if we cannot accommodate your request.

Please Don’t…

Call the office and ask what cabin you are in before check in day.
Request two or more cabin mates without understanding that we will choose one from that group (we do our best to match up one request per camper).
Just request hometown friends… try to request friends from other parts of the country.
Think that cabin placement is vital to your camper’s summer experience… it is just a part of the experience.
Request a specific counselor. We hope your camper will be given the opportunity to learn from many different phenomenal counselors at Camp Newaygo.
Assume we know what you are thinking… just because your camper came last summer, don’t expect us to know who he/she wants to be in the cabin with. If you don’t write anything, we will assume it does not matter and place them with a group we think they will like.

Store Accounts
The Store Accounts are to cover additional expenses that occur while at Camp Newaygo while your child is away. These expenses could include the zip line, items from the camp store, additional class fees ($4 for arts and crafts), or gear for tye dye. At the camp store your child can purchase items such as t-shirts, hats, sweatshirts, stationary, stamps, snacks, toiletries, juice/water, and fun camp gear. We do not allow campers to keep any cash in their cabin or unit, as things may get misplaced.

Please send the amount appropriate for your child’s spending habits. Most campers will spend it all, so only send what you are comfortable with them spending. You can deposit money into your child’s store account anytime, and see what they are purchasing while they are at camp by logging into your account. To view your camper’s store balance, log in to your account and select ‘Additional Options’ and then select ‘Camp Store’.  Any balance left in the Camp Store will be returned to the camper after check out. We always welcome donations to our “Send a Kid To Camp” fund with the remaining balance in the camp store.

Check-In Day Procedures
Check in for campers entering 7th grade or under in the fall, should plan to arrive for check in between 3-4pm on the first day of the session. Campers entering 8th-11th grade should plan to arrive between 4-5pm. Families with campers in both grade ranges should plan to arrive between 3-4pm.  As you drive into camp, one of our staff members will meet you and will be directed to park. Although you are anxious to arrive, please try not to arrive early as we will be finishing up last minute preparations.  Check in begins in Lang Lodge.  To help with check in, please have any medications your camper has brought out and ready to be turned in. Please leave your luggage in your car until after you have checked in.

As soon as you have finished checking in, you will be directed toward your cabin or unit to unload your luggage. You can take full advantage of our golf cart luggage service. And, if you are moving into Tinuwen, Wakonda, or Pioneers, you may drive to the Unit to unload. We begin our Cabin and Unit meetings promptly at 5:00pm, so we ask parents to help us be successful. After check in, campers will head to swim tests. Campers can come to check in with their swim suit on underneath their clothes, or change once they arrive at camp.

Check-Out Day Procedures
Please pickup your camper during the assigned times the last day of your session. On check out day, the camp bell will ring, signaling to parents they can check out their daughter at the Cabin or Unit with her counselor. Please remember to bring aphoto ID with you.  This is a requirement of the state.  After you have checked out your camper in their cabin/unit, you may then collect any money left in her store account in Lang Lodge. If your daughter is staying for the Closing Ceremony, please leave her with the counselor, and you can collect her after the ceremony is over.

During Closing, there will be a Closing Ceremony at Walden (our outdoor amphitheater), weather permitting. We strongly encourage parents to attend.

Check out is from 10am – 12pm. If you do not arrive by 12pm EST, our camp office will call to verify your arrival.