Training Program

Are you interested in a career in camping? Are you seeking professional development opportunities in your home country, but are unable to find trainings?

The Camp Newaygo Training Program provides international trainees with a foundational understanding of operating a traditional youth summer camp both during summer programs and administratively throughout the year. Trainees will gain technical, practical, and theoretical information about the camping industry in the United States. The format will allow trainees to follow projects from conception to finalization. Upon completion of the training period, trainees will be able to successfully manage and design a summer camp program. International trainees will have the expertise needed to fill a position in their home country establishing a summer camp.

Program Prerequisites

  • Applicants must have served as frontline staff in a camp setting accredited by the American Camp Association
  • Applicants must have professional experience at a nonprofit that offers a variety of services in addition to summer camp programming.
  • International trainee candidates must demonstrate an ongoing relationship with an organization in their home country that intends to establish an American-style summer camp program and that organization’s intention to employ the trainee after their successful completion of the program

Program Details

Program Format and Duration: 24 months

Typical Summer Season Schedule: Sunday at 12pm through Saturday at 12pm

Typical Off-Season Schedule: Monday-Friday 8am-5pm, some evenings and weekends

The program will involve a blend of classroom instruction and  hands-on training

How To Apply

Email Camp Newaygo at