Your Camper’s Health

Your Campers Health
Our Nurse’s Station is staffed 24/7 during camp, by an Registered Nurse.

If needed, the Gerber Memorial Hospital is 15 minutes away. All of our counselors are required to be Waterfront Lifeguard, First Aid and CPR certified. They also undergo an epi-pen training during their staff orientation. The Nurse’s Station is stocked with necessary over-the-counter medications and first aid supplies. All trips out of camp are equipped with a first-aid kit. The nurses organize and dispense all camper medications, including PRNs, over-the-counter and vitamins. If your daughter goes on any trips out of camp, the nurse will send the necessary medications with the trip leader. Our Camp Nurse will contact you if your daughter has Health Concerns while at Camp, or receives medical attention outside of camp. If additional medical care is required, resulting prescriptions, doctor, or hospital bills will be charged to you. Camp will contact you to discuss payment. You will be responsible for filing medical bills with your insurance company for reimbursement.

Here’s a note from the American Camp Association about the use of long term psychotropic drugs (Ritalin, Adderall, Concerta, etc):
“Children should avoid elective interruption of these medications while in a camp environment. Most children treated with medication for behavioral or emotional problems benefit from continued use of medication at camp. Learning new skills, listening, following directions, building relationships, and having the same opportunity for success is paramount for these campers.”

Even though we are always prepared for the worst-case scenario, any camp nurse will tell you that the most common injuries they treat are small scrapes, twisted ankles and mosquito bites. You can help your camper stay healthy at camp by encouraging her to wash her hands regularly, wear bug spray and sunscreen everyday, cough into her elbow, not her hand, and use hand sanitizer throughout the day. Also, encourage her to wear flip flops only in the shower – camp has a lot of uneven terrain and shoes that stay on the feet are the best prevention against twisted ankles. Shoes that provide proper support and wrap around the back of the heel are required, with the exception of the showers and the waterfront.

During Check In, every child will undergo a mandatory lice check, as required by the American Camp Association. Every parent will have the opportunity to speak with the Camp Nurse, and discuss any special health needs your daughter may require.

Please be as forthcoming as possible with your camper’s health information. We want to set her up for success for her time at Camp Newaygo. If your daughter has a special need Camp Newaygo cannot accommodate, we will be happy to find you a summer camp that would be a better fit for your family.

Nurse Contact: (231) 652-1184
The best time to reach the nurses: 10-11:30 am, 2-4pm, 1:30-9pm.

A Note from The Kitchen
Meal times in the dining hall are full of singing, clapping and “Riggidy Jig Time” (ask your camper about this when she gets home!). We strive to provide a variety of kid-friendly-yet-healthy food. There is always a vegetarian option at every meal. Also, we have full deluxe salad bar and peanut butter and jelly station available at lunch and dinner.

Our Kitchen Staff is knowledgeable of and willing to work with any dietary challenges your daughter may have. Please be sure to communicate your concerns to us prior to her arrival!

Sample Menu for a Day
Breakfast: Scrambled eggs, bacon/soy sausage, fresh fruit, toast, cereal bar, & juice.
Lunch: Grilled cheese, sliced watermelon, tomato soup, salad bar, brownies.
Dinner: Chicken/tofu Alfredo with broccoli, garlic bread, peaches, corn, salad bar, & blueberry cobbler.