10 Questions to Ask Your Camper on the Way Home From Camp

On the way home from camp, make sure to ask your Camp Newaygo girl all these questions:

1. What friends did you make?
One of the best parts of any summer camp experience is the chance to make friends with kids you wouldn’t normally meet. We’ve got campers from all over the world. We love when campers gain friendships that can last a lifetime.

2. Will you sing me a camp song?
Prepare to be blown away. Bonus points if you learn one yourself.

3. What was the craziest thing that happened at Evening Program?
From Battle of the Bands to Sponge Wars – there’s always something wild going on at night around Camp Newaygo.

4. How was the food?
From pancakes to taco Tuesdays, our camp food can meet even the pickiest eater’s expectations.

5. Where did you go on your overnight?
All of our campers sleep in a tent for at least one night during the week. Ask your camper all about her overnight. What did you cook over a fire? What games did you play?

6. Did you try anything new?
We love getting kids outside. We love getting kids outside their comfort zones even more. It is such a valuable learning experience to try something that might scare you a little bit. Campers spend their week with us doing activities that are often new to them, going places they’ve never been, and building skills and confidence that will stick with them long after summer ends.

7. What classes did you take, and which one was your favorite?
Campers have SO MANY choices here at Camp Newaygo. Your camper might discover she is a pottery pro, or windsurfing wiz here at camp.

8. What is the Riggidy Jig Song?
Campers do their own dishes here at camp. They also make their own beds, help try to win cleanest cabin, and clean up during activities.

9. What were the staff/counselors like?
We have staff from all over the world. Our counselors are goofy, fun, caring, and engaging.

10. What will you miss most about Camp Newaygo?
And then make sure they know that we will miss them, too!