For Parents – Day Camp Prep Tips

Part of your child’s success at camp will depend on the preparations made before they check into camp. Whether it’s working through pre-departure jitters or knowing what to pack, following a few simple guidelines will ensure that your camper starts their experience on the right foot.

1. Tell your child what to expect.
Day camp is OUTSIDE on beautiful Lake Pickerel all day. Day camp is not day care. Get your child excited about camp by telling them all that they will get to do – shelter building, swimming, canoeing, archery – and MORE!

2. Double-check the packing list.
View the packing list HERE
Wear play clothes and closed toe shoes each day ready for fun. Remember to pack a lunch – which will not need to be refrigerated. And remember – we are tech free at Camp Newaygo!

3. Label everything.
It’s easy to lose things at camp, but if you want it back, it’s got to have your name on it. Label everything from your t-shirts to your beach towel. And leave really expensive gear at home. Most children lose something at camp, so check the lost-and-found during the parent closing ceremony.

4. Double-check the starting time for check-in and check-out
Start camp off on a smooth note by arriving on time and on the right day. Use a wall calendar in the months prior to opening day to make an exciting count-down to the big day. On Monday check in will be a the top of the camp hill, where you will get to meet with the camp staff and the camp nurse.

5. Decide if your child is signing up for the overnight
The optional overnight is a wonderful experience to add to the fun of day camp. Your child will help cook dinner and breakfast over the fire, sleep in a tent, and spend extra time with new friends. You can wait to sign up for the overnight until the week-of. If your child has never spent a night away from home, try practicing before camp. Spending the night at grandma’s, or at a friend’s house can help build confidence before camp.

6. Plan to attend the Friday Parent Ceremony
On Friday at the end of the Day Camp Day, a parent ceremony gives you a chance to see camp. Campers preform songs, receive awards, and show off crafts from the week. Don’t miss this awesome part of camp!

We can’t wait to see you at Camp Newaygo – please let us know if there’s anything else we can do to make your pre-camp experience any easier.

-Jalisa, Assistant Director