Leader In Training

Discover the leader in you! Our Leader in Training (LIT) group is made up of exceptional young women who share the spirit of teamwork, adventure and individual challenge, while working closely with senior counselors. Young women entering the 12th grade that exhibit leadership potential are selected to participate in this unique program. LITs will live in the cabins and learn from counselors at Day and Overnight Camp . They will also lead activities, learn about group dynamics, and participate for 5 weeks, with the option of an additional week-long backpacking trip at Pictured Rocks!

LIT 2024 Program

Applications now open!


Oak- the LIT experience
June 30th- August 3rd………No cost

One week training and four weeks counseling.

Includes: LIT Training (with American Red Cross First Aid & CPR Certification)

ADD ON – Pictured Rocks trip:
June 23rd-29th………$410

Includes: A five day, four night backpacking trip to Pictured Rocks. You can find more info about PiRo HERE. We provide all gear, food, and transportation for the trip.

Scholarship Information
We do provide scholarships for our LIT program (Pictured Rocks Trip). Scholarships are based on household income level. You can apply for a scholarship as part of the application.


Special Note to Parents

As an LIT, your daughter is moving into a new phase at Camp Newaygo. The LIT applicant should be the one to fill out the application, but we would love for you to offer edits or advise on the application for her. We ask that SHE take the lead on all communications with Camp Newaygo. It’s a great idea for her to get a professional email address (hername@gmail.com) to practice for job interviews and professional communications. She will also need to have a clean social media profile. We hope this is something you can help her achieve. We certainly welcome any questions you have about the program – but to make this leadership training effective, we ask that you help give her a chance to lead. Thanks!


“This summer has the potential to be the best summer of your life, as it was for me.” -Fran Kay, 2011 LIT

“You pour all of your love and energy in the process of not only empowering girls, but growing up to be a better version of yourself.” -Jane Clinger, 2011 LIT

“Over the course of the summer I thought a lot about what makes a great counselor. I came to the conclusion that one quality preceded all others in importance. And that quality was to simply care truly and always. To really care about their mosquito bites and bruises, their lost pen and torn teddy bear. Because they will not remember these things, but what they will remember forever is the look in your eyes and how much you cared when you comforted them.”- Mira Hager, 2008 LIT