It’s Still Camp



Details for campers who are wondering if camp will still feel like camp this summer. Spoiler alert – IT WILL!

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Our communications to families and guests of Camp Newaygo programs about the pandemic.

Top Five Summer Take-A-Ways for Overnight Camp

Camp will be different this summer, but it will still be camp. We know that changes to the camp program cause anxiety, and we hope to eliminate some of this anxiety by outlining some of the differences you can expect this summer. #notcampcamp

1. You will still sing plenty of camp songs

In 2021, expect expanded dining locations (indoors and outdoors). You will sit with your cabin or unit, spread out from other groups. Meals will be served by kitchen staff, cafeteria style. We will still use the song block – many song blocks! There will still be dessert at lunch and dinner. The food will still be delicious.

2. You can still jump off High Dock

Dip will be at a different time for you everyday, an exclusive dip – just with a small group. Dip might be at main camp, or at a private swim area on Cassidy Point. You will still check in at the buddy board, and we will still have the boater’s triangle.

3. You will get to experience more camp classes than ever before

In other summers, you would plan to sign up for three classes per week. This summer, all classes will be scheduled with your small group. Like a class sampler, this will give us a chance to offer classes we’ve never been able to offer before. This could be the summer you learn to water-ski, mold on a potter’s wheel, and beat Charley in a fencing bout.

4. You Can Still Find GoldRush Rocks

Evening Programs you have come to love and look forward to will happen all summer long – in smaller groups. Gold Rush, Harry Potter Themes, Battle of the Bands, and Newaygo Squares are all scheduled, with proper modifications. This summer will give us a chance to try new programs that only work in small groups – so get ready for the unexpected!

5. Traditions – Constant & True

You will get a scarf tied with a friendship knot. Counselors will sing to you at night. Walden is waiting for you upon the sandy shore. There will be Christmas in July, and the 4th of July – with new programs and fun twists. You might sail your wishing boat wish surrounded by just your cabin or unit. And with intimate ceremonies, all campers will help continue our traditions in a special way this summer.

We know so much has changed for you in the past year. And it’s hard to hear that camp will not look the same. But our goal is to make it feel the same. You will make friends. You will grow in independence and resilience. And many campers from 2020 said it was the BEST YEAR EVER!





Thank you so much for your continued understanding, patience, and support of Camp Newaygo through this challenge. If you have questions or concerns, and would like to speak with someone on the phone, we will have staff available Monday – Friday, 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM (Eastern Standard Time): (231) 652-1184