Why Camp Newaygo Is The BEST JOB EVER

1. The Uniform is pretty rad:

2. The View From The Office Is Unbeatable 

3. Two Words: Camp Food 

4. The Costume Closets become personal wardrobes for evening programs. 

5. Real Christmas is in July, not December.

6. Time off is spent sleeping on Lake Michigan.

7. Dip Time means your can perfect your tan (without weird tan lines – two pieces are allowed!).

8. You channel your inner Bear Grylls on Camp Out Nights.

9. You will willingly become addicted to Westco Popcorn and Slushies. 

10. The job includes opportunities for travel.

11. Wishing boat wishes always come true.


12. You get to bond with cute Camp Animals, like Sonic.

13. You’re only as cool as the number of friendship bracelets you’re wearing. 

14. You gain friends for life.

15. Most importantly, the campers are AWESOME, and you’ll cry when they leave.


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