Research at Camp Newaygo

For less than $600 per year, you can invest in your daughter’s growth and maturity by becoming more resilient, more self-confident and ensure her independence for a successful college experience.

Camp Newaygo can have an enormous impact on youth. We know that the work we do can positively affect campers, long-after their experience.

Resiliency Study

In 2014, we began a partnership with Radford University, to show that impact with real numbers. Our first camper study was completed in the summer of 2014.


Camp Alumni Study

In 2016 we completed a study with our Camp Alumni at our 90th Reunion.

The purpose of this study was to examine if Camp Newaygo promotes college readiness skills in female alumnae.  Using a retrospective analysis approach alumnae were asked to report whether they felt camp impacted their educational choices and the extent to which certain skills (related to college readiness) were impacted by their experience.

  • Participants were recruited during a reunion in the summer of 2016.
  • 59 women completed a survey.
  • Participants were asked a series of Likert scale questions, one forced choice question and one open-ended question.

Camp Newaygo Results:

  • Camp Newaygo offers opportunities for girls to gain skills relevant to college
  • Open-ended responses support the outcomes of the percentage reported with Independence/Self-Reliance as the main theme.

College Readiness Study

We’re currently working on an ongoing research on Developing College Readiness Skills at Camp.

The purpose of this study is to examine if Camp Newaygo promotes college readiness skills in campers.  Campers entering 11th grade were studied in 2016, with a pre-and post test during their camp experience. A follow-up study will be completed when the girls are freshman in college, after their first semester. The Camp Newaygo girls will be studied against a group of freshman at Radford University, who did not attend camp.

This is the first ever study done to research college readiness skills through camp. We’re excited to publish ongoing results, to show the amazing impact camp can have on youth.

Why Research?

We hear stories of impact from campers and parents constantly. But we think it’s important to show the value of camp in concrete numbers. For instance, if we told you that:

For less than $600 per year, you could invest in your daughter becoming more resilient, increase her self-confidence, and ensure that she is independent enough to be successful in college 

…Wouldn’t that be worth budgeting into your family’s summer? We think so. And that’s why research is important. We want to show that camp is more than just songs and friendship bracelets. It’s a unique opportunity to grow youth into more successful people.