Top 10 reasons to be a counselor at Camp Newaygo

Top 10 reasons to be a counselor at Camp Newaygo


10. Meet People from all over the World – Who wants to go to Europe over fall break? Camp Newaygo has international staff every summer. When you go back to school in the fall you’ll start to tell camp stories that start with “Well my friend from Ireland…” or “One time, my friend from Australia…” Plus it makes traveling internationally easier when you make connections and can stay with friends!

9. Be Paid to Play! – Tie-dye, archery, zip-line, and paddle boarding are some of the awesome activities here. The day of a camp counselor is never the same; you will teach up to 3 fun activities a day each week. Never been sailing and want to learn? You’ll be taught how to teach these activities and more during our two-week staff training. Your nights will consist of an evening program where you might dress up as a Disney Princess, a ninja master or you’ll lead your team into battle for Marshmallow Paint Wars.

8. Popcorn, Slushies and Sushi – Food, food and more food! Slushies and popcorn from Wesco are a must. It is the perfect salty and refreshing treat at the end of a busy week! During time off, you can head over to Fuego: A Fusion Kitchen. They offer Latin inspired cuisine and Japanese sushi, as well as the all-favorite “sushirrito”, which is sushi the size of a burrito! There is always something new to try. During the week our camp food is prepared by our executive chef, and leftovers usually make it over to the break lounge for mid-day snacks.

7. Camp Swag is the Best Swag – Tie-dye shirts, friendship bracelets and sunglasses. Our camp store is filled with comfy camp attire available at a staff discount, and through staff training there are swag surprises! You’ll leave the summer with more Camp Newaygo gear than you know what to do with.

6. An Outdoor Office- Get a great summer tan! Your office will consist of 104 acres of woods and a mile of waterfront. Spend your days hiking through the woods or paddling on the lake. You won’t have a cubicle that blocks you from the sunshine. Staff meetings are in the shade of an oak tree, around a campfire or on the wetland deck.

5. Make a Difference – This is your chance to impact the lives of over 600
campers. “Who is your role model? Who do you look up to?” At the end of the summer, a camper’s answer may be you! There is nothing better than knowing you have made a positive impact in someone’s life. At the end of a week as the campers are packing up, hearing campers say “I hope you are my counselor again next summer” may be the best compliment you ever receive.
4. Develop Skills for your Career – You are capable of more than you think. So you don’t necessarily want to work in camping or even with kids as a career? Working at Camp Newaygo will build skills that transfer to all aspect of life: leadership, confidence, time management and problem-solving. Your “out of the box” summer experience may be the ticket to getting that next interview.

3. Sunsets and Starlight – Experience a world without technology. The night sky over the lodge will take your breath away. The weekly wilderness trips may take you to the sunsets on Lake Michigan, the fireflies along Pine River, or the sands of Sleeping Bear Dunes. The natural beauty you miss with your face in a screen is at your fingertips all summer. With the stress of the outside world out of mind, you will be able to live in the present and appreciate all that Camp Newaygo has to offer.

2. Be a Part of History – Camp Newaygo was founded in 1926 as an all-girls summer camp and there are traditions dating back to the very first summer 91 years ago. Every summer we make a Log Book, which is a scrapbook of the summer that features each camper and staff member. Years from now you can return and flip through the log books and find yourself in the center of camp history.

1. The Hardest Job You Will Ever Love – This is truly a summer like no other.  Camp counselors at Camp Newaygo are hard workers; there are long days and sleepless nights filled with making memories for yourself and each camper. Women in their 80’s say that summers at Camp Newaygo were the best times of their life. Working at Camp Newaygo is a life-changing experience. Come be your best self this summer.